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Monday, 19 March 2012

A caring father and a lovely mom

Everyday after I wake up from my sleep, it’s a relief that I still in ALLAH’s deen  that is islam.. I’m proud because I’m a muslim.. and the most important is that I get to know Him.. outside there, so many people don’t even recognize their creator and also not less those who are denying the presence of the God.. so, I would like to define this kind of recognition as a kind mercy from our God.. thanks to ALLAH for everything.. without HIM, we are nothing.. ALLAH said in the holy quran,” if you are going to count His gifts for you, you’ll definitely can’t count it”[ chapter of Ibrahim]..

And among of these gifts is our parents.. all praises to HIM because he gave us our parents, everybody has their own parents whether they met them before or not.. for me, personally, there Is no word to define my love towards them even if I’ve wrote in my blog about them..:) this is absolutely caused by their hardness and sacrifices in growing me to be a useful person that can contribute something for the other people.. even though I was growing in an estate-alike place, still, they can educate me with the religious education and others.. in this place, making someone or somebody  to be well-educated is so hard, because there is no supportive environment.. the people there also are very lack of religious understanding.. besides that, they are more likely influenced to the westernization, either from their dressing or interaction with the others..

What I’m talking about is that because of my parents, I could survive this kind of mental-pollution.. after all, they sent me to continue my secondary study  outside my rural area.. although it was said that the environment couldn’t  affect a person if he is well prepared mentally and physically, but I don’t think I’m in this type of people.. I need my parents to supervise me from my back, and Alhamdulillah, I got what I need-they gave their attention-..

my beloved father
Actually, there was an incident I remember the most, when I was a little boy, at the age I couldn’t even walk, suddenly, my body shook as if I got kancing gigi or sawan(not sure), that had made my parents very panic until they tried a few ways to cure my disease.. my mom told me that she also try to wet and wash directly my head onto the tap.. at that time, we were in johor, then, they sent me to a doctor, and I still remember the doctor was working in Bandar Penawar.. after  we meet the doctor, I was finally cured.. not so long after that, once again, but this time with a different symptom, and not an ordinary disease, I mean, not something that we could refer to the ordinary doctor.. it was a kind of supernatural  stuff  ;).. again, they struggled to cure this possession.. immediately, they went to meet an Islamic scholar at that time, he was the deputy mufti at that time..  it was His will to meet us with him, after I was cured, he did pray for me and let me drank some zamzam water.. Alhamdulillah, after that, I never be possessed until now.. thanks to my parents for nurturing me from my childhood till present day..

That was among the things/incidents I remember the most, they were so fresh in my mind, like it happened yesterday.. my father said,” starting from that incident, I began to appreciate, value and care about my sons more than before”.. but of course he spoke in bahasa.. J, he used to be a very scary father.. I’m the youngest one, while my older siblings, all of them had their own chances to get a few punishment from my father.. I heard it all from my brothers and sisters, also from my father himself.. the way he changed seem to be significant for myself..

Finally, I just want to say that I love my parents so much, I hope  they can live a better life and also longer , may ALLAH bless them, and grant them the paradise after the hereafter .. Amin ya ALLAH.. some people are so busy about other people charity, but they forget the charity of their own parents.. o my brothers and sisters, let us struggle (jihad) for our parents’ charity as it is better than the other kind of jihad(fardhu kifayah) .. our beloved prophet also told us to make our parents happy and give them our best service.. our best service, however, will never can redeem  our parents good deeds toward us.. the processes they passed starting with giving us birth, milking and nurturing us until we grown up, we can never pay it by price.. it’s priceless..
Appreciate your parents while they are still alive

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